KDE vs. GNOME: Environments Compared

KDE vs. GNOME: Environments Compared

KDE vs. GNOME: Environments Compared

KDE vs. GNOME: Environments Compared :: Open Source Versus :: Open Source Versus Proprietary Software: “Ad: Fresh Linux Reviews at DistroReviews.com.

To create a side-by-side comparison of the top two leading desktop environments for the Linux operating system we downloaded a couple Live CDs of popular distributions. This comparison is done between KDE 3.4.3 on Kubuntu 5.10 and GNOME 2.12.1 on Ubuntu 5.10.

Although the feature set and usability is similar in both environments, determining the ‘best’ solution comes down to personal preference and frequently heated debates. KDE is generally considered more graphical and easier to use for Microsoft Windows users, with a larger collection of native applications. GNOME on the other hand has the focus of being clean and fast and includes fewer native applications.

Keep in mind that this is only a basic visual comparison using the default applications for the selected distributions.

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