25 Reasons to Convert to Linux

25 Reasons to Convert to Linux

25 Reasons to Convert to Linux

25 Reasons to Convert to Linux :: Open Source Versus :: Open Source Versus Proprietary Software: “Ad: Fresh Linux Reviews at DistroReviews.com.

Businesses, educational institutions, governmental agencies and other organizations around the world are converting their computer operating systems from Microsoft Windows to Linux at an increasing pace. They are likewise converting their application programs from commercial software to free software (also referred to as open source software).

There are at least 25 reasons for this situation, including:

(1) Because it is licensed under a free software license, Linux (as well as other free software) is available at no cost. It can be downloaded from the Internet for free, and it can be purchased in disk or box form at trivial cost. One copy can be used on as many computers as desired with no restrictions. This is in sharp contrast to Microsoft Windows, which can easily cost US$100 or more per computer.

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