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25.07.2006 – Firefox Tweak Guide – Firefox Tweak Guide – Firefox Tweak Guide: “browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs [Boolean] – If set to true, this setting forces Firefox to display additional tab settings under the Tools>Options>Tabs section. This option allows you to ‘Force links that open new windows to open in’ and then select either ‘the same tab/window as the link’ or ‘a new tab’. In either case, if you tick this box, all links will now be opened as tabs in the current window. Furthermore, you no longer need to middle-click on such links to open them as a tabs – they automatically open as a tab with a normal left-click. If you rely on tabbed browsing heavily, I recommend you set this option to true. If you dislike tabbed browsing, or rarely use tabs, I suggest setting this to false.”

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